Operation Christmas Child

Helping others is also a gift for the giver
Each year I like to dedicate at least one post to a worthy cause. Last year, I highlighted Operation Christmas Child Canada. This year, I'm doing it again. Why? Look at that face in the picture and tell me you don't want her to have a better life.

This project is one from Samaritan's Purse Canada, an international relief site that helps raise funds and awareness in 70 countries around the world.

How this project works is explained in last year's posted videos but basically, you fill a shoe box with items that these children might need. We're talking basic necessities, as well as toys. There are certain items that you should not include and those are mentioned in last year's videos, also.

There is a religious element to this charity. I'm not at all in any way religious but helping these kids is important. As it says in this year's video, for some of these youngsters, it's the very first gift they've ever received in their whole life.

I'm including a couple of different videos this year, simply to avoid redundancy.

If you are able to send these kids something, please do, even if it is only one shoebox of items.

Of course, there are some folks who simply are unable to extend charity in this manner, due to immobility or lack of funds. If you are one of those, Operation Christmas Child may not be the place for you to give but it doesn't mean that you can't reach out to others who need you. Helping others at Chrismas doesn't have to cost you any money. There are things you can do for other people that only require a bit of time and effort. Those may be the very things that offer both the giver and the receiver the greatest gift.

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