Canadian Pioneer Christmas Decorations

Pioneer Christmas Decorations
Early settlers used what was available in Canada during the winter months. They hung evergreen boughs and garlands above the doors and mantels. If they had a second storey in their cabin they would sometimes drape the greenery over the stair banisters.

Only natural decorations were used as, a rule. Things that were on hand and easy to obtain made their way into the pioneer homes – pine cones, nuts, berries and the like. It may have been our Canadian forefathers who invented the cranberry and popcorn strings that were still used in the 20th century in some homes.

As time evolved and other materials came into use, homemade Christmas decorations were crafted from the settler’s homespun cloth and tattings. Dolls and figures were constructed of straw and yarn to add to the festival feel of the cabins.

Canadian pioneers were good at improvising with nature. Even their stocking stuffers were simple, handcrafted items that were added to a few nuts or some fruit. In those days, it was enough to get everyone into the spirit of the holidays.

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