Outdoor Christmas Tree Decorations - Homemade Ornaments

Homemade Ornaments for Outdoor Christmas Trees
Well, yesterday I told you that an outdoor Christmas tree would be a nice decoration for your yard, deck, porch or patio. In that post, I mentioned that I would try to come up with some ideas for homemade ornaments that the kids could make, or at least help with, to feel more involved in the process.

Here's what I've come up with so far:
  • Pine Cone Ornaments - Use as is or paint/spray paint and hang using yarn, string or strips of plastic. Naturally, if your pine cones need a hole drilled, an adult will have to assist.
  • Bird Food Hangers - The large seed bells, suet hangers, etc. Makes a nice Christmas gift for your feathered friends and you don't have to do anything but hang them. There are also several online articles about how to make decorations for the birds. Just do a search and choose the ones that you want to try creating yourself. This is a nice family activity and Christmas tradition that you can start with your kids.
  • There is a whole page of ideas for kids crafts on the AllFreeCrafts website. Click on the link then scroll down the page to the Christmas Crafts for Kids section. Not all of them are suitable for outdoors but some are and the rest, your youngsters can make to decorate the inside of the house.
You truly are only limited by your imagination when it comes to homemade ornaments. Why not make something completely unique? Why not give it Canadian theme? It's a great opportunity to come up with new ways to recycle. You might even create something that you'll be able to sell.

If you have photos of your outdoor Christmas tree decorations, feel free to send them in for inclusion in a future post.

Have fun!

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