Uniquely Canadian Christmas Gifts

In keeping with the theme of this blog, here are some Christmas gift ideas with a uniquely Canadian flavour. Click on any of the pictures for more information on Canadian Christmas gifts.

What could be more Canadian than maple syrup? This is a gift that you can get away with spending only $10.00. Sweet gift idea!

Another typical Canadian symbol is the moose. You can get Canadian Moose beanie babies, minted coins, books, antique posters, tapestries and more. These are definitely uniquely Canadian Christmas gifts.

For the coin collector, there are of course, mint condition releases of commemorative issue coins available for sale, as well as coin jewellery.

Don't forget about the other animals that we're known for - the Canadian goose and the beaver. The same goes for these two as far as gift selection goes. There are several things available.

We can give gifts that are truly representative of Canada. Hope this short list helps stimulate some good ideas for the recipients on your list that you wish to give uniquely Canadian Christmas gifts to.

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