Here We Go Again - Christmas is Coming

It's Christmas 2012!
Yup, it's that time again, kids. Christmas.Santa's got the elves working overtime, Mrs. Claus is pressing the red suit and shining up the sleigh. They aren't ready for it for it yet and neither am I.

I'm late to start posting here this year. A more organized person, like my youngest sister for example, would've had the gifts bought and wrapped, the menu written up and a year's worth of posts done by February. I'm not her, hence I've accomplished none of those things yet. But I've started thinking about them. Baby steps.

It may be my imagination but I'd swear that Christmas 2012 came around in half the time that Christmas 2011 did. Could be I've just been too busy to notice the passage of time. Yeah, that's it - I'm not disorganized, I'm busy. That's sounds far more productive. Besides, Christmas is always coming, so if I miss one, I'll catch the next.

I can tell you that I do have an idea about the topics this year, which will mention something about tree lights, fiber optic trees, economical gift giving, charity and perhaps some homemade ideas. I've been toying with the idea of dreaming a little and doing a post on expensive gifts, too. Just to see how the other half lives, here in Canada.

As always, you requests and suggestions are welcome, just shoot me an email at iamannea @ if there's something special you'd like to see on Christmas Canada, or if you're sitting there rolling your eyes and thinking, "Oh, geez! I can write wayyyyy better than that!" I'll give you a shot at guest posting. Yes, yes, you can put one link in your copy. Happy now?

Okay, I'm going to run along and let you get back to your cocoa. Lots to do before Jolly Old Saint Nick comes down the chimney.

Until next time, keep your toque on and remember - never put your tongue on flagpoles in the winter.

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