Christmas Trees

It's that time again. Hallowe'en is over and the Christmas commercials have started on television. I figured that maybe I'd start this season off with some posts about Christmas Trees. After all, if there's one thing we know about here in Canada, it's evergreens.

I'll probably do individual posts about some of the more popular or newly funky types of trees. When I was growing up, almost everyone had a real Christmas tree. Nowadays, it's a different matter. You can find an artificial Christmas tree in almost any store and a ton of people have them.

Shoppers are not just going for the regular, conventional artificial tree anymore. There are a bunch of specialty types, some that I already knew about and some I had never heard of before this year. Like the black Christmas tree. What? That's new, I think. Not sure why anyone would want their tree in black but perhaps I'll make that one of my posts so I can find out. Maybe it will make some kind of sense to me after a bit of research.

If you're planning on buying an artificial tree this year, or making homemade ornaments, or budgeting for decorations, then now is the time to get started. Santa will be here soon and you'll want to have a nicely decorated Christmas tree for him to leave presents under.

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