The Tabletop Christmas Tree

Tabletop Christmas trees are not a brand new thing. My mom had one years ago. It was a ceramic thing, about 10 - 12" tall and had different colours of mini lights poking out of it's ceramic branches. Nowadays, you can get a tabletop Christmas tree that is far nicer and more realistic. Guess that means that we've made progress and there's a market for mini trees.

Tabletop Christmas Tree Varieties

I was surprised by far the little tabletop tree has come since its early, badly done ceramic days. It is now available in a variety of sizes, materials and stages of decoration. Get one that's 4 1/2 feet tall, bare but pre-lit and ready to decorate or go with a 19" curly tinsel tree or a Thomas Kindcare resin one.

The table Christmas tree is, in my opinion, a great option for those who lack space or have no need/desire for a full-sized one.

Check these out for yourself. There are about 4 pages of various styles to look at. If nothing else, it will catch you up-to-date with mini trees. It might even give you some ideas.

Click on the link below to see samples of the

Tabletop Christmas Tree

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